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Hello there!

I’m Aginthan but I prefer to be called Agi. My roots are Tamil from Ceylon, but I was born and raised in Denmark and am living here to date.  I’m a mechanical designer and I love traveling, especially alone.

Since my time at school I’ve been on several study trips, but my real preference and interest in traveling happened in the summer of 2017 when I went on my first solo backpack trip.

Ever since then I’ve been very keen on the idea of traveling by myself. Even though I haven’t been traveling that much since then (due to studies and quarantine), I do love the idea of getting back there very soon and much more. I’ve been on a few trips during my semester abroad and it really caught my attention.

I love traveling by myself because it gives me the freedom to explore places in my own way and pace. And it kinda forces me to get out of my shell and get to meet new people and make friends.

My aim is to explore every shade and inch of the world. Live with/as the locals in (hopefully) all countries and see the lesser known and hidden beauties of the places.

Besides traveling, I have a great interest is producing music and photography, which you’ll also be able find here.

Whether you’re looking for inspirations, guidance or just a good read, I hope you’ll find it here on my blog.


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