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Arriving Costa del Sol

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As I mentioned in my earlier post, I went to Malaga for an internship and my last semester in Mechanical Design. I got the opportunity to live there for almost 5 months, which gave me the possibility to try a lot of things, which I obviously also did. So that is also what I will be talking about in the next few upcoming posts, starting with the beginning… in Denmark. 

I had booked a plane, that would leave around 12 o’clock from Copenhagen and I would have to take the train from my parents’ home, which would be an approximate 3.5-hour trip, so to make sure I wouldn’t be late I took the train 6 in the morning. A quick calculation would say that I’d arrive in Copenhagen before 10.00 am. But unfortunately, the trip got delayed a few hours and I arrived at the airport some minutes over 12, so I did the best run of my whole life and ran all the way from the train stop till the gate in a few minutes and still, I did not make it.

So I was forced to get a new ticket and this one would quite more expensive than the first one and I would arrive at Malaga Airport around 6 pm and from there I got a cab and went to the address of my accommodation. I met my roommate and got settled in my new apartment and soon enough it was time to look for some dinner, so I asked my roommate where the nearest place for some food was (which was a local pizza place within a few minutes away) and went off. 

I got up early the next day and went for a walk to explore the city and look for a nice gym to join. I found a small gym very close to the apartment and joined as soon as possible for a 3 months membership which cost around €99. 

I kept exploring the neighborhood and found that there were a few more nice food places, such as a Thai food restaurant, a fast-food restaurant (with amazing fries), a cafe, and an ice cream bar (with GREAT ice cream). Malaga is a big city with beautiful and tall trees planted around, I instantly fell in love with the place and felt at home.

In the next few days, I met with some of the other JongLeren students and got to go out and check Malaga at Night where we among other things went to a bar named Camden Lock (it became our go-to bar) and to a club named Salah Gold. Both places are very nice and Salah Gold is a big club with a lot of people and great music. All the clubs and bars could be found in the Malaga Centre, a 15min walk from the apartment. 

This is basically how my first week in Malaga went down. I would still have a few days before starting my internship, so I had a lot of time exploring the city…


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