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JongLeren – a review

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Back at the beginning of 2019, I got the chance to do an internship. I chose to do mine abroad, so my study advisor recommended to try contact the company called ‘JongLeren’. 

JongLeren is like an agency for students to help find internships, primarily in Malaga, Andalusia. And if needed they’ll also help you find accommodation in the city. 

The process of working with them is very simple, fast, and easy. You contact them through their website, and within a small amount of time, they invite you to an online meeting over Skype where you get some personal coaching and talk about yourself and your requirements for the internship. 

All this happened for me within a month’s time and during this time they kept me updated with the whole progress. JongLeren did also help me find a nice place to live in a shared apartment for a fair price, near Malaga center.

outside the apartment

Soon everything was in place and it was my time to leave for Malaga. I had been corresponding with Jackie, from JongLeren, who helped me with everything required for the accommodation. We agreed on a meeting time and met near the address of the home and she showed me to the apartment and introduced me to my roommate and helped me get settled. I should also mention that I didn’t make it to my plane, so my arrival in Malaga was delayed by some hours. Thankfully. Jackie was very helpful and understanding, so everything went down easy and smooth.

in front of the internship company

A few days later I met with Joost Jong, who showed me to my place of internship and introduced me to my employer. Joost would help me communicate with my employer since my Spanish is very bad and it really made things much easier for me.

JongLeren’s job isn’t even done when they’ve found you an internship. They arrange various gettogether with all the students, who are also living in Malaga, so it gave me a chance to get new friends, and that I really did. Amazing friends that I’m still in touch with to this day.

During my 5 months stay in Malaga, the whole team of JongLeren was extremely helpful and sweet. If I ever had an issue or any doubts I could always ask them and they would help immediately. 

with the international students and Joost Jong

JongLeren didn’t even stop with finding me an internship and a place to live. During my stay, a class from my school in Denmark made a visit to a local international school, so I was invited by Jongleren to meet the class and talk about my stay and experience. 

Another thing is that while I did my thesis (in corporation with my internship company) a class of mechanical designers paid a visit (through JongLeren), so I was again invited to have a correspondence with the students, which was a big help. This gave me a chance to discuss ideas on how to solve the issue for my thesis.

Everyone in the whole team is amazing and you never feel dissatisfied or alone, since they’re only a short message or call away. If you need them during your stay, they will be there to help with anything. They’ll help you with anything, from finding around the city to recommending you great vegetarian restaurants and much more.

So if you’re considering an internship in Malaga, JongLeren is definitely someone I’ll recommend you to contact. Their prices are student-friendly and the service is more than just satisfying. 

You can contact JongLeren through their website:


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