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1st Online reading session

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Even though I’ve been teaching online for a while now, I’ve only taken care of the grammar part while my mom took care of teaching history, reading, and all that. But since the lock-down I’ve taken care of all the teaching online and yet, I was only preparing the students for the half-term exam which was supposed to happen this month (if the lock-down had ended). And luckily for me, my mum had just reached the halfway point on the syllabus, so all I had to do was revise the syllabus but since we had passed the half-way point, it was about time to continue with the syllabus. 

I had the students read the text, section by section, and afterward discussed each section and obviously also discussed the whole text by the end. While they read, I guided them to pronounce the words correctly. It took some time but went much better than expected and the outcome was definitely great. I had the impression that the students also ended up understanding the text much better than they were expecting. 

This is definitely a structure I am going to make use of in the future. 


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