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Locked inside the public library

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Years and years ago, okay maybe not that many years ago. It was when I was studying college, my friend and I went to the library to study. He was a friend since preschool so we had a close friendship and found it hard to actually be serious. We would often study at the library and always go home before closing hours. But for some reason this time we were too into the studies that we overheard the closing call of the library and no one seemed to have come to the study room to announce the closing as well. 

Anyway, we forgot the time and when we finally decided to leave the library everyone was gone and all the light was off. We check the time to see if something was off, and well.. the time was almost half an hour after closing. We went straight to the entrance/exit but obviously, it didn’t open and we had no idea what to do because it was a different time for mobiles. 

So without knowing what to do we just started walking around the library until an alarm went off. Shortly after a security guard come and let us out without any trouble. 

I don’t know how many people can say they’d been locked in a public library and I don’t think it’s a common thing to happen as well. And yeah, we were young back then and this is definitely a memory I’ll never forget! 


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