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Hello World!

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My name is Aginthan, but I prefer people to call me Agi. I have decided to get back at blogging, but instead of only blogging about my everyday life experience, I am going to focus on my travels. Those I have been on as well as those I am planning/hoping to do. Besides traveling, I will also post about my hobbies. 

I am going to let the first post be about me and the blog. Who am I, what do I do etc. etc. 

10 facts about me


As I mentioned earlier, my name is Agi, which is short for Aginthan. My parents are Tamil and from Ceylon. I have one sibling, an elder sister.


I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Denmark I have an AP Degree in Mechanical Design. I used to study Industrial Design from ’11-’16 but was discontinued.


I am a vegetarian and have been my whole life. And yes, it is quite the challenge of being vegetarian when you’re traveling, but there are always places for us to eat.


I am a Tamil teacher and I teach 9th and 10th grade. Besides teaching I like to create music, work out, watch’s do play football, and photography. 


I am a huge football fan. My favorite team is Real Madrid and my favorite players are Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. 


I love to sing and sometimes write lyrics. I was taught in the classical Indian art of music, called Carnatic. 


I have a sponsor child in Odisha, India. Her name is Mukta and I have been with her since 2013. I hope to inspire others to do the same, because not only it is a good thing to do, but the joy one gets from helping others is indescribable. 


I have a dream of not settling down in one place, but somehow travel around the world and experience every culture there is for as much of my life as possible. 


I am NOT a book person, but lately, I have tried to force myself to read more books. I do have quite an interest in thrillers/crime and fantasy (like Harry Potter)


I have been on a few trips, both by myself, with friends and on study-trips.


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